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Culinary: Hardly any variety When I find a food which I like, I'll eat that and only that or other foods i like. I won't try anything new.
Literary: Cash flow I spend too much money on books as just today my Mum and I spent just under £100 in Borders.
Audiovisual: I do this too much I spend way too much time in front of a square box.
Musical: Practice I do not do enough practice on my instruments, which are Trombone and Guitar.
Celebrity: Celebrities don't interest me. Celebrities don't interest me.

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First entry

Hi just to let people know who i am and stuff.
I'm Ben, the guy down the road and i just decided to open one of these since everyone else has.
The name stickystone came from a family thing to do with my cousin, it's pretty simple because my name is BenJAMIN SharROCK hence sticky(JAMIN)stone(ROCK). It's pretty weird but i like it so it'll do.
Not much to say ot really doin much. Just trying to get this stupid history project done 'yyaaawwwnnn' lol. It's coming along so it should be done by tomorow night. I hope to use this space more often but for now im finishing here.
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